Saturday, June 29, 2013

so very you...

part of my effort at keeping this little blog manageable for myself is to offer photos i have taken with my phone. it is not that i do not love my 'big' camera because i most certainly do. all of the photos you see in the photos (oh brother) on the blog have been taken with my canon. the problem (oh, no, i am putting it out there) is that i am quite technologically inept and it is just so very much easier to post phone photos than camera photos. for me. you understand, right?

anyway, i made a 12x12 layout after deciding that small scale was the way to go for me. apparently i am indecisive as well! i just somehow think that favourite photos and wonderful papers sometimes need a larger canvas. they really are that special to me.

the boy is my own but all of the loveliness you see surrounding his photo came from the cocoa daisy may kit and add-ons.  at first i was reluctant to cut the jillibean placemat but then i just did and i am so pleased with the result. and, of course, it is a lovely coincidence that this photo should be here on the canada day weekend. 
happy canada day friends. i hope you enjoy it whatever you find yourself doing!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

in a way, i feel like i have come full circle. it has been almost a year since i scribbled my last blog post and probably about eight months since i hit the 'delete' button on that blog. now here i am, back again, starting over. right now i do not know what this blog will be, what i have to scribble about, what, if anything, i can possibly add to the discourse surrounding paper and crafts and pretty things. there are some things that i do know. i know that i have missed this little creative outlet, this way of putting something out into the world whether it is received by any readers or not. i hope to find my place in the world-wide community of paper crafters if only to enter into conversation with like minded friends, to encourage one another and cheer each other on. it feels a little bit like a celebration. here's to blogging. here's to paper. here's to the simple things.

have a lovely evening.